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We want to lead the sector. We think we have the easiest software to the entire market. Besides the best price too. And if this were not enough, we can lower the price of Drill Guides.

Send us an case and try our high quality. You will not see a more accurate Drill Guides.



  • Quality in every single detail
  • Modern designs
  • Fast & friendly support.



Simple planning tools. In a few minutes you can have the case fully planned.


Surgical Guides Design

Once planned, the design is done in a few clicks. You can do it yourself or you can send it to our support team for help.

Smart-guide3D -Imac

Immediate Loading

Our software lets you connect to the CAD to design the prosthesis immediate loading.


  • As the person responsible, I want to say that we are very proud to offer a solution as powerful as this. It’s powerful, agile, open, easy to use and also very economical.
    In addition, the manufacturing service Drill Guides is the best in the market.

    Diana Richards
  • At first we were reluctant. But after the first test, we realized we were in front of a magnificent team. Really professional.

    Anna White
    loyal client
  • Very pleased with the support received. 10 over 10.

    Jacob House
    happy client
  • It’s amazing the quality of Drill Guides. Perfect fit.

    Sara Green
  • I recommend this service without hesitation. Fast, effective and fair price.

    Gregor Johnson
    3D Dental designer
  • We have incorporated this service in our dental laboratory. Now our product catalog is 100% complete.
    We have many new customers.

    Thank you!

    Stefan Carlos
    Dental Lab

Relevant specifications

A brief description of the most relevant software specifications. A short description of each function and advantage. This way you can see the great potential of our solution.

If you need more information, contact us.

Clients & Services

We are good at adapting to your needs. We are a company that works for all types of customers using any type of implant. You can still use your surgical kit. No need to change anything.


Our main service is to provide all the tools to implement these techniques (Guided Surgery) in your daily protocols.

This means we’re going to provide software, Compatible Drill Keys, Surgical guides and if you also want, implants structures. (Immediate loading).

  • Advanced Software of Planning and Drill Guides’s Design.
  • Excellent support.
  • Compatible Drill Keys.
  • Insuperable Drill Guides.
  • Structures of Implants (Optional).

See our comprehensive service solutions. Your you can find answers to all your needs in matters of implant components.

Soon we will have a large collection of tutorials and video tutorials. We think it is the fastest way to learn to use our solutions.

We will inform you when this section is ready!


Thank you for your patient wait.


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